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First entry
last modified: Sunday, July 29, 2018 (11:33:22 PM CST)
First entry here: it seems I came to cel collecting about 15 years too late. I started collecting with a whim purchase of a Sailor Moon bank cel on ebay, but after researching further and finding Rubberslug, I became hooked. Aside from a few Sailor Moon cels that I treasure, I mostly only collect materials from the Utena TV series and I don't want a big collection -- just one where every piece is something I feel attached to. Which means that if I find I don't love a piece anymore, it's time for it to go!

I got most of my pieces either by haunting eBay or getting in touch with individual collectors online. It's tough to find people since the Rubberslug feedback is down, but people have been really generous with their time and advice! I hope to slowly grow my collection in the years to come.
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